EMO is having system problems

Whenever I say EMO he responds with like a I didn’t hear you answer without me saying anything. I tried to turn him off manually turn it didn’t work. I tried to turn itv off with the app but it can’t find my EMO. Please help me

Try and reset your home WIFI-Internet as well. I’d suggest the following simple trooubleshooting steps.

Turn off EMO (leave off).
Turn off your Phone
Turn off your home WIFI Internet. (wait a few mins and then turn it back on.

Once your WIFI is back on and running. Turn on your Phone / test and see if you can access internet. Also ensure that Bluetooth is also working.

Power EMO Back on and try and see if you your Phone can make a connect with EMO using the EMO APP.

Try and ask EMO a question and see if he responds.

This is quite simple troubleshooting to start. But feel free to advise how you go after doing this. I would also recommend sending support an email as well regarding this issue if the basic troubleshooting has not resolved your problem.

You can submit a support ticket from the support page: https://living.ai/product-support-emo/

Or you can simply reply to the email you received when you made your EMO order (email address is: service@living.ai )

It would be best to also take video to send the support team as well so they can fully understand and see what is happening with your EMO so that they can best assist you.


Hi I’m so sorry for late to reply. I have busy with my COVID 19 patients in my hospital. Im taking care them so I didn’t have time to reply. Can I ask you a question? I ordered EMO for 20days but I didn’t get it yet. What happen? Please help me. I really paid

Normally it will take anywhere between 3-5 months for EMO to be manufactured and shipped to you. So as you purchased your EMO only 20 days ago. It still won’t be ready yet.

It is recommended to keep an eye on the delivery page, here you can check which orders have been sent by the order numbers that is shown on that page.

Here is the link for your reference:

The delivery page normally gets updated at least 1-2 times per week.


It just takes long time for it to deliver