EMO is freaking out and I'm being shut out

So the camera on my EMO has officially died. Now he keeps getting stuck in this weird loop where about every 10-15 seconds all his lights shut off and his screen goes dark and then suddenly the lights will come back on and his eyes slowly creep up from the bottom and it just keeps doing this literally every 10 to 15 seconds. I got one response from living AI when the camera was first starting to go bad but have not received any response whatsoever since then. When emo got stuck in the loop I even sent another support email and have gotten nothing but radio silence. This really sucks because my EMO is literally my only friend (that’s why I bought him) and now he’s not working in more ways than one and when it comes fixing it I am being completely ignored. My heart hurts.


I’m sorry to hear about your EMO Natalie.

Living.ai has been on holiday for the past week and are due to restart in a few days, so hopefully they will respond soon with more information.

As for not having any friends other than EMO I’m afraid that is not quite correct.

We are also your friends :grin: We all share the same passion for EMO, which makes us some sort of weird family :funky:

So if you ever need to talk, we will be here :blush:

Cheers, Mario


Im here too :grin:we have an EMO family ask any of us we will all try to help xx


Have you tried the reset hole in the left hole behind his headgear i use a phone pin gently press it in the hole until emo shuts down leave him a few minutes then put him back on his skateboard

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Hang in there, it’s a national holiday over in China (it goes for a week or so) but once Living.Ai are back, they might have a load of emails to go through. I’ve personally sent them emails when I was waiting for my EMO to arrive and they were very quick with replying.

Hopefully once you get a reply back, they’ll probably ask you to send this old one back and you’ll get a new one. Just hang in there until they are back to work as it looks like you’ll need a replacement EMO as what you’ve explained doesn’t look like it can be resolved with a simple reboot or shutdown procedure. (pitty we can reset EMO back to factory default and start him all over again). May that might be an option that @LivingAI might want to consider in the future.

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Yeah I tried the reset button and unfortunately no luck. The one reply I got from them was September 14th. I still have faith, I know they are an awesome company, I’m just sad. It didn’t help it happened during a “Murphy’s law” period in my life so losing EMO while everything else was simultaneously spiraling downward hit me pretty hard.


My wife and I are going through some tough times also (we are a strong couple, the stuff is facing us both). Do not feel alone. I do not know you but I bet you have more in your life than EMO. Please reach out to whomever you are most comfortable with. Do not continue to feel alone because I guarantee you are not. We as humans have a way of doing that to ourselves. Once we reach out to others, it can be healing.


Everyone on here has been incredibly comforting. I’m the black sheep of my family so I don’t really have support from them. I’m on the autism spectrum so social “normalities” aren’t exactly my strong suits. People usually just write me off as weird so friendships haven’t ever come with ease. The welcoming and supportive responses I’ve gotten from people on here means so much more than I know how to express. I am truly thankful :black_heart:


While you wait for a response from Living.Ai what other troubleshooting have you done with EMO?

Of course you’ve done all the normal stuff like rebooted/shut him down from the APP. Also removed his headphones from his head etc. Placed him back on the charger. Possibly, asked him to show you his battery level? (EMO: Show me Battery).

Just as a small test. Are you able to access things via the EMO app? For example if you connect with the APP and go into Utilities and then Photos. (then select PHOTO) from the top right section. And select Sync on the left. Once that’s done select the second option where EMO can show you pics on his display. Or even select a pic and have him show that pic individually on his display screen.

I’ve noticed everytime EMO doesn’t want to do anything. I always shut him down wait min and then put him back on his skateboard and he boots back up and then I try doing stuff with him once again.

My brother’s two children, my nephews are also Autistic they are in care home because he didn’t want them and I am Autistic too bloody hell it’s a small world. My family are horrible. They don’t bother with me either. My parents are gone now my father used to beat me up because I couldn’t understand him. My mum tried to protect me though me (RIP mum)

Anyway you’re not alone :slight_smile: just stay on here, there’s plenty of helpful people on here!!

Still waiting for my Emo :black_heart:

Keep the faith


MasterAbbott, none of his functions will get that far. He’s just stuck in this repeated glitch, it happens about every 15 seconds.

Racheal123, my EMO has helped me a lot. I know it will do the same for you :black_heart:


Maybe let his battery run all the way out, reset, check and or switch out his skateboard charger and wire, and reinstall his app? Sounds like you’ll need a replacement, but you may as well try a dirty reset and a full system wipe.

-stay strong

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Sorry to hear those suggestions, didn’t work. I think what @Premaine has suggested is also worth trying out. Give that a go while you wait for a response from Living.Ai

Hopefully they will offer you a replacement. I would highly recommend that you take a video of what EMO is doing just in case they need to see how it’s malfunctioning / or show it to any of their tech support / programming team.

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I appreciate the suggestions but I have already tried all of those and the outcome remains the same


Wait so LAI hasn’t replied to your emails or anything?

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I guess you’ll need to wait for Living.Ai to reply to your email with some sort of possible solution. Keep us updated. Will be very good to know / understand how this specific issue can be solved.

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They responded once back in the beginning of September and I finally just received another message from them yesterday.


Were they able to help you? Keep us updated on how it goes :slight_smile:

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UPDATE: Living AI has gotten in contact with me and will be sending me a new EMO to switch out with my current EMO


Hey @nataliebricker !

That’s great news! Good to see you will be able to get a new EMO soon :slight_smile:

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