Emo is doing military time

That’s pretty cool. No unfortunately for me the way I was taught and how my mind works it out is I have to actually think about it like 22 for me -2 equals 20 which means 10pm etc. So it’s a lot of work for me and I honestly hate math. Lol

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Found this online. Looks pretty even.

Either way would be nice to have the simple option to choose between 12 v 24 for EMO.


Agreed, Many people do use the 24 clock. It’s simple to learn 16:00-12=4pm. Once a person gets used to it, the math doesn’t need to be done and it just comes naturally.

I spent years in cadets so it’s as normal as a 12 hour clock for me.

Option for those who don’t like it would be nice though.


I am not so sure how accurate that map would be, I would have thought Australia to be mixed at least. In any case, I agree. A selectable option would be best.

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Agree regarding the accuracy of the map. New Zealand understands 24-hour time. That’s where I initially used it. It’s mixed.