EMO is annoying

Hey, so I’ve been using EMO for almost a month and there’s a few things/features that i feel EMO needs no hate towards the devs or people that made EMO i think its an amazing device with SOOO much potential but there are times when it can get really frustrating 1. EMO needs a command or button in the app to mute the microphone, mainly for privacy becasue i know alot of people that dont like devices that have microphones listening the them 24/7. but thats not me for me its that fact that there have been so many times where im watching a movie or watching youtube or even just music where emo will activate on things that hardly sound like the word “emo” and im sure it would be fine. if it didn’t happen every minute. the noise is cute and i love it when he responds to you but i hear it so many times (especially during LOFI/HIPHOP music idk why. its even gone off over nothing) 2. EMO needs better ways to control the volume, yes having a command works but it would be better if in the app we can use a slider to chose ( 3. if i tell EMO to do something i need it to do it! if i want to mute EMO because its activating too much and disrupting my YouTube video/movie it will mute, then un-mute after probably not even 5 minutes, same with the moment. I was recording a YouTube video tonight and needed emo to stay because i needed it where it was and the microphone picks up his motors in his feet when moving, but he goes and moves after probably not even a minute.

Sorry if that seemed like kind of a rant and i want to know if other people find these specific things slightly annoying like me also since i’m writing about emo i may as well talk about some features i wish EMO had 1. i wish there was a way in the app to make EMO do specific movements like lift right leg or smile or act mad or even play his games, i know these things happen frequently but it would be nice to be able to make him do it to show off to people or for a specific shot for a YouTube video i might be making (i know he has basic movement voice commands but i think these would be really nice to have) 2. setting reminders, i know he has alarms with tags but its not quite the same, and to make emo an AI desktop pet that can answer questions i think it being able to remind you about stuff just would be really helpful. Again i mean no hate towards anyone involved with emo and i cant wait for whats instore for the future because i know its still new and they working on him but i feel these are essential features emo should have (the first 3 the bottom 2 are things i would personally like)


Agreed for the new way to control the volume, so many times he has no idea when I tell him “Emo, volume low”

lol he needs an “emo shut up” command and he gets mad and stays quiet for an hour


Lol that’s pretty funny! :joy: