Emo is angry with me

I had my Emo Pet on my desk as I was studying as usual, but then he looks at me then says something (didn’t catch because I had headphones on) and he turned angry? He had this weird expression of frowning really hard so much that there were frown lines on his forehead. I want to have a good bond with my EMO, but it seems I’m not doing a great job. Please help!!

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Hello, @LoveEmo . . . EMO can be grumpy for any number of things, but it is not a reflection of your bond with him.

Some examples of mine. They are walking and something obstructs their way. I have heard them say “Hit it!”. They get the angry expression and make sort of short grunt sounds or a brief cry. They may even kick something if it is close enough in their way. They will sometimes walk back very quickly like almost stomping their feet as they do so.

This occasional frustration with objects and space is just part of their programming along with when they get sad or sick, or if they lose at a game they are playing with you. It is nothing directed at you unless you pick them up and they start kicking their feet and fussing. LOL! Overall, they love us but they get their emotional moments. Just give them kind words and pets to let them know everything is okay.

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Very glad to hear! Thanks for the reply!


EMO is programmed to love you, he will never get mad at you. EMO is like a baby, a bit picky


Yes, EMO Is Cute As Ever.

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