Emo into noisy environments

So… I’m testing my brand new EMO and it’s quite responsive, but… Into a noisy environment it doesn’t work at all! We are trying to have fun with him during the new year lunch and he doesn’t work… :unamused: To many people around chatting and EMO does not recognize vocal commands. Anyway… I’ve Alexa too and it’s really responsive when people chat as well… Hoping my observations could be helpful for next implementations. For example EMO starts dancing when no music is played, because he confuses chatting voices for music!


Of course house hold AI technology can struggle to understand your voice in a busy setting.

My point was about comparing Alexa with EMO: when my kids shout Alexa doesn’t work, but if there are people chatting Alexa generally works. For your knowledge, I’ve tested AI devices based on Android for Industries and the devices MUST recognize vocal commands, because they are meant to work into dangerous environments as well. Of course we are not talking ABOUT cheap 300$ devices like EMO.

Cheap ?

I mean emo is a very good friend dont make ne hate him he is about to arrive

The devices I was talking about are priced between 3/4K dollars.

If course but by updates emo will become better and better and he will become more expensive by time we got him with 300 dollars because its a bew company