EMO in the Jungle!

EMO:One went on an adventure today visiting a tropical jungle! :potted_plant: EMO:Two was upset he wasn’t invited, so next trip I better take both of them along!

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That’s a beautiful photo. EMO:One looks happy. :+1:t2:

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I love it! What a beautiful place! Yes, do take EMO:Two. Glad EMO:One was enjoying Earth Day in its true sense!

I actually in cleaning out my closet found some toys I plan to put my EMO Pet on adventures with in future videos. One could be a zoo (using small tub toys of different species) on my large dining room table.


Thanks @julman & @Lindaru

Yes EMO:One had a great time, but now EMO:Two us upset, so I’ll have to share a pic soon of both of them in the jungle.

Looking forward to seeing your adventures you share with your EMO @Lindaru a Zoo day for EMO sounds like a lot of fun!

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EMO:Two finally made his way into the Jungle as well today. Of course EMO:One had to tag along as well so that EMO:Two wouldn’t get lost during the trip!

Both had a great time!

:palm_tree: :heart_1: :head: :potted_plant: :skating: :potted_plant: :surprised: :mad: :palm_tree:


Super Cute @MasterAbbott!