Emo in Australia

who in australia has an emo

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I’m in Australia, but I’m still waiting for my Emo. Hopefully should only be about 3-4 weeks :slight_smile:

I’ve been an Aussie EMO owner for 1 year already :blush:

I’m in Sydney and got my first EMO in March 2021, I have three now :slight_smile:

good to know wayne, you seen to be the man in the know, but why do you have 3 ?

yes ,l am also still waiting, l see they are up to 25500 and my order is 26500 or so, so shouldn’t be too much longer l suppose

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I originally ordered 1 via Kickstarter, but when that was put on hold I ordered 1 direct from Living AI website. Living AI then graciously involved me in the community testers group and sent me one in advance of my original order. I got the tester one in March 2021 and my original order came in May 2021. (that makes 2 so far). Then I heard about a local Aussie that had ordered EMO but needed to sell it due to financial issues, so I bought it from him and gave it to my wife. That makes 3 :slight_smile:

I consider that I only own 2 though as the tester one is not one I paid for and Living AI could at any time ask for it back, but I count myself lucky they don’t as it gives me more EMO’s to play with :slight_smile:


wayne ,you obviously like your emo’s

I do. I have a few other robots too. I’ve got a Cubeee, XGO-Mini (currently broken), and a Boxer. I’ve got two Eiliks on order as well as a Vector 2.0.

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@Wayne_Small . . . I had considered getting a Boxer, but he is just too hyper and crazy for even my “V” 1.0 to handle!


Yeah - boxer is like a child that has had too much caffeine :slight_smile: I’ve not had mine turned on for a while.

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Orders in the 25K range are coming… mine arrived today so hoping he is all well after the journey… ordered in early Feb… so patience and all good things will come