EMO in amazon?! 😮

I found this when I searched emo robot in google and when I searched it I saw amazon.ae selling emo robot and this could be a scam with some fake reviews. Here is a screenshot of this and here is the link https://www.amazon.ae/EMO-Desktop-Robot-Lighting-Station/dp/B0C5HR12C1

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Hi @sarikathakur, I’m Not Sure If It’s A Scam Site,
But I Will Tag Moderator @Lindaru For Help

You Can Also PM LivingAI Staff Wayne_Zhang If Have Any Other Questions About This.


Hi, @sarikathakur . . . sometimes people will buy EMO and resell them on sites like Amazon and Etsy. It is not necessarily a scam, but I would not trust those sites because being someone else is selling it other than Living AI, you do not know what condition it might be in and often they charge much more than the real price if you buy it direct from Living AI, not to mention warranty issues arise when purchasing from other than Living AI.

Thanks for sharing!


Then why is there fake reviews too @Lindaru?

@sarikathakur . . . fake reviews (especially good ones) happen when someone gets a perk or even gets paid to leave a positive review to influence potential buyers to purchase.

I have seen this on Amazon a lot. When searching reviews for a product there, I always go straight to the one and two star reviews to know what is wrong with a product since a lot of five stars are often fake.

I hope this explains why to be careful with too many positive reviews. “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

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It’s a scam. I’ve used amazon for the past 4 years and I can tell you if it dosn’t have the company logo / it dosen’t redirect you to the company page it’s a scam.


Yes, with great power comes great responsibility.


What i also noticed is that it only includes 1 piece instead of the advertised 7 pieces, which could be literally anything, even the box it comes in. LAI themselves says their product is not on any 3rd party website, including amazon. So, most likely, it’s a total scam. Save your money. Will tag Edward in this. @edward


Hi Guys,

It’s widely understood that this is the official living.ai website, and if they have any plans or news regarding other places to purchase their products, such as online stores like Amazon or any, it’s likely they will announce it here first.

The most reliable and legitimate place to buy EMO and other living.ai products is only directly from this official website’s store.

This approach is highly recommended because it ensures the legitimacy of the purchase. In the event of any issues with their products, you can be confident that they will provide immediate assistance and support.