Emo ignores me. What's up with that?

But I can’t wait to introduce Emo to my extended family in person!

I have a problem: EMO, when I call him, has the look and voice as he didn’t understand what I said (“hmm” voice and looking confused). But I only call him! No orders! And I need to make him do the update! Help?! I did restart it…

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Hola, yo tengo el mismo problema. Hace lo mismo que describes. Vaya actualización, en lugar de arreglar estropea

Hey its a known issue that emo isn’t responding to no commands right now living ai is fixing the issue and told us to try again later

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Oh! I see~! I saw the post and the problem is similar, I didn’t read all :face_with_peeking_eye: my bad.
Thank you!


Its fine i was getting mad myself until i got on the forums and saw other people having the same issue🙂

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Mini games and most of the commands like telling the time etc, plus they won’t go to home station or off when asked.

Games that are in the app are working great.

Both batteries have been depleted so I will try again tomorrow or next week.


It’s still happening with the second update 2.1.1

@Wayne_Zhang, No Command Are Working On My Side,
Does Anyone Still Have This Issue?

I powered off my emo no Commands are working still we will just have to wait