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Take a look at this video, hopefully this should help :point_down: :point_down:


If you’re EMO is on the latest firmware of 2.1.0 this should have been fixed, according to what was mentioned in the Firmware Update list under Home Station

See point 8.

Home Station related:

  1. EMO will sometimes play Snake on home station during afternoon play. You can also say “play snake” to ask him to do so.
  2. EMO will talk to home station when he goes off it.
  3. EMO dances with lights of homestation. The voice command is still “dance with lights”.
  4. Animation of EMO connecting to home station.
  5. Unbind all accessories on the App’s settings page to solve the problem that EMO cannot connect to the home station.
  6. Fixed the issue where the led matrix stays in the green square or is wrongly switched to the animation when EMO returns to the home station.
  7. Now when EMO accidentally walks to the home station, he will walk away.
    8. Fixed EMO incorrectly detecting cliffs or obstacles when walking down the home station.
  8. Optimized EMO’s detection of whether he is standing on the home station.
  9. EMO says he can’t do it because he is not connected to home station when you ask him to return to or go off home station.
  10. Optimized the detection of the touch button.

But, sometimes this may still occur as well.

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