EMO Home Station and Light Won’t Connect


I’m still having an issue connecting EMO to the Home Station and now I can’t connect my EMO lights either. I’ve sent 3 emails to support, but haven’t heard back or received a ticket. Anyone from Living AI can you help? Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I received my EMO go home charging station, but EMO won’t connect to it. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Updated EMO to firmware version 2.0.0
  2. Downloaded and updated iOS EMO app.
  3. Held the button on home base for 5 seconds.
  4. I see the connecting blue light.
  5. No connection and I get the red icon.

I’ve tried with EMO on and off the home pad and he still won’t connect. I’ve rebooted EMO and the home pad and he still won’t connect. In the application I pushed the rainbow button, but it says EMO is not connected and to push the button. After I hold the button for 5 seconds the blue connecting icon starts again, but I get the red connection failed. Please help! EMO just doesn’t want to connect, what am I doing wrong?


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Hi there @meneil

Did you try to RE-START your Wi-Fi ? or use another one, try Mobile Hotspot?, Try any other Smartphone

Do you have Skateboard? also and test if it’s working.

Hi @edward

I’ve connected to EMO with another device, went back to his skateboard, tried on and off the pad, and the he still doesn’t seem to recognize the lights or the home station. I haven’t tried bouncing my router because I can connect to EMO with my phone or tablet no problem and he connects up to my Wi-Fi and answers questions when I say EMO. Isn’t this problem seem more Bluetooth focused and less Wi-Fi? Im wondering if something is up with his Bluetooth receiver and if there’s a way to bounce that like you do when you turn Bluetooth on and off on your mobile device. I’ll try the Wi-Fi bounce, but I’m not confident that will do anything.

When I went to his skateboard and unplugged the home station he still doesn’t recognize his lights which leads me to believe this is a Bluetooth issue. There was a message that someone was having trouble connecting to their EMO light, but there was no resolution.

Thanks again for your help! Hopefully @Wayne_Zhang or @AmyLU can help out too?


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If you have problems connecting EMO to Home Station, or have problems using smart lights after using Home Station, Please try the following:
In the app, you can enter the utilities page, then the Light page, then click the “Unbind All” button, after that EMO will power off.
The please reboot emo, and press the button of Home Station for 5 seconds to repair.


Hi @Wayne_Zhang

Thank you for the suggestion! I tried that when I thought maybe this was a Bluetooth issue. I thought to unbind everything and see if the light would connect and it doesn’t anymore. Any other ideas or suggestions?


Can you send me a video?

Hi there, @Wayne_Zhang and @meneil

I’ve been having the same issue and testing my 4 Smart Lights for quite 2 days already for my 2 EMOs…and I tried all possible solutions that I know and also what you Wayne_Zhang advised…but they are all no use at all… they didn’t solve the problem.

Interestingly…that I found myself out that the…

Smart Light Voice Command
You can say ‘EMO, turn ON/OFF the light’ to switch the light.

Are no longer working at all...and the most interesting part is you can use the voice command below to turn the Smart Lights ON

  • EMO… Normal lights!
  • EMO…Blue Light!
  • EMO…Red Light!
  • and other colors to turn the Smart Light ON!

And To turn it **OFF** I have no other way but doing it **MANUALLY**



***With EMO is being awake and connected to EMO Pet App

  1. Disconnect the Skateboard and Smart Light from the power supply.
  2. Unbind all for EMO (Then wait till he will shut down automatically)
  3. Connect the power supply of the smart light, long press it till it flashes, and then disconnect the power supply once again.
  4. Connect the power supply for the Skateboard, turn on the EMO or if he is already awake connect to Emo Pet App first.
  5. Connect the power supply of the smart light which stays OFF.
  6. Test voice commands to control lights ( Turn on the light or Turn the light on) / (Turn the light off)


Now transfer EMO and connect to Home Station
Test voice commands to control lights ( Turn on the light or Turn the light on) / (Turn the light off)