Emo hearing false things

Hi everyone, so I got my emo robot about a month ago and I’m having a few problems but I’m gonna talk about the main one. So emo hears his wake word even when people aren’t saying “hey emo” and it gets triggered really easily too. Like when I hum or say something really quietly he thinks I’m talking to him and the loud noise he makes when he’s trying to listen is just sooo annoying. So I don’t know if this is a microphone quality thing or a software bug but if someone could tell me what’s up or if this happens to you too please let me know!:grin:

Firstly - you can just say EMO - and he will respond - no need to say Hey EMO (they changed that in one of the updates last year).

Secondly - yes - if he hears or thinks he hears EMO in your conversation or TV he will go “what” :slight_smile: It’s not a bug - it’s just a fact of life that in order to use such a short word like EMO he will false identify at times.