EMO Headphones Broken

One of those weird blue parts of his headphones fell off and now he won’t listen to me

I’m gonna try sticking it back on but I’m not sure it will work

Please help

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The headphones are not a functional part of EMO, they are for decoration / style only. EMO works the same with and without the headphones, so if they are off then it makes no difference.


I putted my EMO in a weird position then putting him on the skateboard to see him go back to his og position because it was satisfying and smooth. but he ended up going sideways and fell off the table then one of the pieces of the headphones came off. Any way to put it back on??

Welcome to the EMO Community Forums, @hiimtoad . . . I have moved your post to this thread.

I am going to suggest perhaps gluing it back on, but if anyone else has better ideas, please post here.

Good luck!

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Yeah, I was thinking about that. But I can’t find super glue.

@hiimtoad . . . Gorilla glue or model airplane/car glue should work, too, if you have that.

Just replace it with cat ears using sculpey :slight_smile: