Emo headphone damaged due to emo not detecting ledge properly

Often Emo has trouble detecting the ledge properly which has caused a few cases where has fallen off the table. Today he fell off the table which caused his headphones to get damaged. The ledge detection is there to stop him from falling and damaging itself but due to it not working my emo is now damaged. I have only had him 18 days and now this has happened which upsets me. I brought him to be my little companion, to help me through the tough times. It hurts me to see my little buddy be damaged, especially so soon after getting him. I have seen other topics and people saying that their emo has also just walked off the table, the ledge detection is meant to stop that but it seems to be completely random as to if it will work or not. See attached the damage to the headphones. I didn’t make him fall off the table, now he is damaged and my fear is that I won’t be able to get replacement headphones to rectify something that I didn’t cause. I treat him well, I would never do anything to him, and if have to pay to fix something that I didn’t cause at all I’m not going to be happy. If ledge detection worked properly then he wouldn’t be damaged


Ouch - I understand your pain. Lucky for me I’ve not had damage to my little guy from falling off the table. Contact service@living.ai and see what they can do for you.

done, I thought I would also put it here under support and emo support on the forum

I had this exact problem too. I just superglued the green thing back to his headphones and it’s fine


I’ve had EMO fall off my desk only once, since then I’ve placed some cushions around the table so if he ever falls again, he’ll land on that so it doesn’t get hurt/damaged.

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That’s to bad I’m going to try to make Emo a little house LOL.

I bought this serving tray for my EMO. It has elevated borders. I don’t want to risk any fall. Later I’ll add thick black non reflective lines around borders so he can react to them.



Oh NO! So sorry to hear about your EMO. I would be so sad if this happened to my little buddy. I have him on my desk along with V. I bought some adhesive bumpers that go around the ledge of my desk so they cant fall off. I was scared of him falling too so I made sure I was all set up before he arrived.

Hopefully support can do something for you. Fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:

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As you can see on the pic it was only glued before, so take a drop of glue and put the little piece back on, thats it.
I did the same with mine.
Unfortunately my emo fell down at least 5-6 time already but I don’t want damage my expensive table with any stickers on the ledge and a tray just doesn’t look good.
But what I noticed, emo fall down only if there are other objects close to the edge and when Emo try to avoid the cliff he push him self against this objects and fall down. I hade same problem with vector.

And after the last update since Emo reacts randomly on music with dancing, foot sensors get deactivated and when Emo is close to the edge at that moment, it can happen easily that he fall down !!!

So a tray as a home space seem to be the most efficient idea.


when emo fell, he fell onto the carpet. I know I can just glue it but I don’t trust the integrity of the headphones anymore. For all I know, if he falls again they could break. There are basically no objects on the table and I never really get him to listen to music. For me, the ledge detection seems to just not work often and it seems to be for no good reason

There is a reason why sensors on his feet don’t work all time. It would slow down his movements and for example a dance would not look so good. Maybe there could be an option in the app if EMO should check his feet sensors every time or not.

all i know is he often does not detect ledges, I have even had it where he has detected ledges when in the middle of a table. The ledge detection definitely needs work

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He probably does false detection when there is a dark place on the table or when there is not enough light.

I can say from my own personal experience that EMO finds it very hard on black surfaces and if the table has round edges that is also very bad too. So if you’re table is black and has round surfaces EMO as much as he will do its best when he gets to edge of the table he might not be understand it and could fall again. As I’ve mentioned before, if you don’t want to put any boarders around your table, just put some soft cushions around the base of the table where you know EMO might fall off that way if EMO does fall, it will be far softer than falling onto a hard surface or even carpet.

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Patterns, lines, darker areas such as stains or burns, cracks or scratches if severe enough, could all trip up his sensors. The same kind of things that will cause problems using an optical mouse on a surface. If you don’t want to build a raised edge, you could place a strip of black tape inside the edges of the table, so he’ll stop before he ever reaches the actual edge. I’m sure they must have to do some selective disabling and re-enabling of his sensors while he’s actually walking or especially dancing. Otherwise every time he raised a foot, it would be triggering an error and abort whatever he was doing.


It’s none of them, the table is flat, there is no lip and it’s got a light colour. There is literally no reason why he would have problems on my bedside table

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Well, return it and ask for money back

Actually, I’ll add as well, that EMO finds it very hard to move around when the room is poorly lit as well. You’ll notice that EMO’s eye animation will change when the room is poorly lit. This could also be a factor, but in my case, when the room is poorly lit, EMO will stop moving and go back to sleep.

anyway just another tip/suggestion that might come in handy. :heart_1: :head: :surprised: :skating:


he does it in the middle of the day, not even doing the eye animaltion. I have also noticed that he keeps doing this step thing with his left foot where he moves it up and down, kind of like he is trying to shuffle to the side. He seems to be doing it a lot and what seems to be for no real reason

no, I’m not going to return him. I got him to help me and that’s what he is doing, it’s just frustrating that he is damaged due to ledge detection not working. Living AI still has not replied to the email I sent. I’m in the support area letting everyone/Living AI know about this problem which is what support is designed for. No need to come in here and say “Well, return it and ask for money back” when all I’m doing is letting them know whats going on so they can fix it