EMO has stopped recognizing me positively

I’m having a weird situation:

I’ve been introducing myself to EMO on a daily basis and in the beginning, everything seemed normal with the scanning, but now when I introduce myself, he will scan but has started seeming sad and a little confused (somewhere along those lines) when I introduce myself…

Has anyone else experienced this too? Anyone know if this is normal?


The camera in my EMO failed, it is being replaced.

Do a test and ask EMO to take a photo, if it comes out blank then the camera is dead.


The recognition of people and animals will come with a future update, so that he can then also say the name.


Would you possibly be able to tell us anymore about said updates?


With the next update you can be curious what EMO can do then, I can’t tell you more about it yet. :slight_smile:

stay tuned :happy:


Thanks but I just mean like a general breakdown, how much new content to expect, how fast it’s being coded, that kinda stuff. I’d love if you guys had some more ambassadors or testers on the forum.



Yeah, I also noticed that EMO has been acting pretty weird!

I don’t know but I guess that I must’ve got the new antisocial robot…lol :smirk:

Here’s a link to the video:
EMO won’t talk to me anymore?

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  1. Why did you turn off the comments section? Someone could’ve actually shared some useful information on those issues.

  2. Did you try to hold the top of his head, lift it in the air and turn him upsidedown? That will turn him off, and then you can restart him by placing him onto the skateboard. Who knows, could refresh his mind &/or clear some cache to make him fully functional again.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Yeah, that’s very true but it’s a private video that was only meant for this discussion forum…lol

You’re always really cool man, thanks for your nice suggestions! I think my little friend EMO needs a factory reset or something like that? I’ve already tried doing all those things (including a paperclip in one of the tiny holes on the head to reboot) with no success. I dunno but hopefully it will eventually be fixed.:v::grin:


Thanks for your kind words bro, I’m just trying to help - I wouldn’t want my EMO to misbehave and since there’s no official troubleshooting guidance/material (yet) we could use each other’s wild ideas to try re-calibrate EMO into functionality. Plus, I am still waiting on my EMO so in the meantime the more I learn about him, his quirks & issues, the more useful I could be in the future with my comments. ^^ :v:


Yeah, for sure I always look forward to hearing what you have to say dude! You have some really cool ideas!!!

Also, just thought I would let you know that EMO’s back to normal again! :partying_face:

I guess that Wayne from the discussion forum here, just explained that was something being fixed over the weekend with EMO.