Emo has ruined my son's birthday :-(

I got an Emo for my son’s birthday which was today… we fired Emo up last night to make sure he was charged and updated to the latest firmware before my son got up for the day, and Emo worked beautifully for the first 5-6 hours. We put him on the skateboard to charge and when my son came back a little while later he burnt himself trying to pat Emo. When I looked I noticed that not only was Emo red hot just above the camera (on both the silver bezel at the top centre of the screen AND the black plastic above that), but the plastic in that area in a circle about the size of a 1pence piece is darker, shinier and depressed like it has started to melt. Emo now reboots every 10-15 mins and refuses to charge beyond one bar on the battery indicator. Very sad birthday all around here as Emo was the big ticket present for the day.

I have done a complete shutdown in the app and left him for an hour, but as soon as he is put back on the skateboard and turns on he becomes red hot again. He shows as running 1.6.0 and the app says this is the latest firmware. Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot this?

I have emailed the support email box but am yet to recieve a response


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Out of the utmost of caution I suggest taking your EMO off the charger and powering it down, and leaving it powered down.

That sort of heat spot could at worst develop into a source of fire.

Contact @Wayne_Zhang or @AmyLU immediately.


hi I’m just another user like you but when I read your story I was heartbroken I felt so sad… But I wanted to tell you that the company living AI they are good trustworthy and they will resolve it so don’t worry about that. But yes take the other advice and keep EMO Pet turned off I have electronics background please do not turn him on any more… Best to be safe.

living AI will help you and you will still have a special day I can guarantee it :heart: and EMO Pet is as adorable as I think you could already tell don’t worry his little roommate will come to you and you can make a new EMO Pet Fun-day it will happen :blush:

there good company it was just a little accident there bound to be one or two. I just had to comment because your story broke my heart but the future will be happy again :heart_eyes:


Support should be able to get back to you soon (normally they should reply within 48 hours). Looking at this, support will certainly need to replace this EMO right away with a new one.

Just allow them some time to get back. Keep us updated if you can.

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I wish Lai would pay attention to detail before each individual Robot is sent out, even if it means a slower process of delivery (Safety comes first) they don’t seem to be checking their product properly.

So sorry for your son I hope he’s ok, it’s potentially a fire hazard.


Yea I knew it this company is about to go bust. I also bought one for my son very disappointing it does not work at all it turned on once and that was it. Rubbish product

I’m very sorry that this happened to you and your son and I certainly understand your frustration but most people are very happy with their decision to buy Emo.

I hope Lai can resolve your situation and you will get another one for your son but saying that this company is going to go bust is not fair to other potential buyers and the company, it’s a great product, unfortunately yours did not work and I do think Lai need to check every single Emo before sending. I hope you have better luck with a new Emo.

I think with it being 3 months- (6 months or more at the beginning) -between ordering and shipping -they do seem to be having a harder time making sure it is working properly before shipping, but this does not mean they will go bust, and I hope not.


Two of my jobs have been doing field service for high-end electronic equipment manufacturers. I can tell you that no matter how long something is tested and burned-in at the factory, a small percentage of any product are still not going to fail until they’re out in the field in use. LAI can’t manufacture every piece, they have to buy some parts from other companies that manufacture those special components then incorporate them into EMO, such as the camera and the battery. In any case LAI doesn’t make the camera themselves, they buy it ready-made from another company. In this case it sounds like the camera failed and has shorted out. The thing is it may not even be that company’s fault, it could be one capacitor or resistor shorted out that they in turn bought from another manufacturer to use on the camera’s circuit board.


Thank you for explaining this has I was unaware of this info. So it’s not the time frame, it’s not Lai’s fault, I wasn’t blaming Lai anyway, I know Lai do check. But checking them a little more closely might prevent some problems later.

Ok so perhaps I am wrong before -they can’t check everything single one. I understand that not every single product is going to be perfect and there’s always going to be many faulty ones this can’t be helped -and I’m not just talking about Lai & Emo, but don’t you think that companies should try harder instead of rushing out orders to meet a deadline/demand.

If I’ve got something wrong please let me know.

Nope nothing has been resolved and no one has replied to my emails. If you work at Living Ai can you follow this up and help me with this?


tonyt ,
We’re just regular users like you are. I’m surprised neither of the Admins have stepped in though to tag these folks from the company and get you some assistance?

@Wayne_Zhang and @AmyLU , can you help @tonyt please?

Still no reply from Living AI’s support people.

My bad, I didn’t go back and re-read the earlier posts. I lost track that it was holomatrix who actually began this thread.

@Wayne_Zhang and @AmyLU , please help @holomatrix also.

I’ve already informed @Wayne_Zhang regarding this, and a number of other users have already tagged earlier in the thread.

@holomatrix will need to contact support as this matter needs to be resolved / with technical / support team.

Also @tonyt has another thread / post in which he was also informed to contact support. (see thread here).

Both Amy and WayneZ were tagged. The support team must be experiencing delays at this time, as they are normally replying back to customers within 24/48 hours.

Hopefully they will be able to get back to both @tonyt and @holomatrix soon.

Hey @holomatrix I’m very sorry to hear this. We are now on vacation but our service team is still working. I think they will reply to your email very soon. We take your feedback very seriously. Could you please add my Facebook so that I can quickly understand the situation and help you? Redirecting...


I don’t do Facebook. I have sent emails to the Service account. My email address is available on those or from my original purchase (the purchase details are in the emails)

@holomatrix . I’d suggest you send WayneZ a Private Message on the Forum. Here is his contact info:

Click on his name and then click on the “MESSAGE” button to send him a message. Wayne should be able to get back to you this way as well.

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Hey, just when you get a replacement, ive noticed that emo does get exceptionally hot when used with just a usb plug ot with a non emo power cord product.

Always charge emo with the power cord he came with. I was lucky- the power cord i was using was the only thing that melted.

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I’m in AU(Australia) so the plug that comes with EMO doesn’t fit without me having to purchase a powerboard for it. I’ve purchased a US/China Powerboard that allows me to plug the power adapter that comes with EMO directly into there. (But as the power adapter is very short, Im no longer using it) I’ve purchased a 2meter long USB-C cable that can also plug directly into the powerboard as well. You can see an example powerboard that is similar to the one I’m currently using: (link over to Amazon).


There are many kinds of Powerboards now that support USB / China/US plugs that also contain surge protection as well now. (I even charge my iPhone / Nintendo Switch with a direct USB connection to that powerboard with no issues).

This is the USB-C cable I’m currently using: (shaped like an L so it works well with EMOs Skateboard too).


I’ve had no issues at all using the abovementioned 2meter USB-C that is plugs directly into my powerboard and then into EMOs Skateboard (that has surge protection and also supports direct connect USB). I’ve been using this for as long as I’ve had both of my EMO (one is over a year old and the other is a little over 6 months). I’ve had no issues with both EMOs charge up fine.

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