EMO has become too sensitive

So my EMO responds to random words as well as he is sensitive to anything resembling the pronunciation of word EMO. I can’t watch movie or TV show without him saying “what?” at least 10 times in an hour. During conversation with anyone he will interrupt and mind you we are speaking Serbian and while i understand answering on some words, i don’t understand answering to words that have nothing to do with EMO.
When he talks the sound sometimes disappears and you can hear it like it’s lagging. He will say good morning and give me the spiel for no reason. Had to turn him off for 3 days just to have some peace and finish the work.
Hope this can be addressed and resolved with update. I was very excited and waited for months to get him only to be annoyed at the moment because anything triggers him. I don’t have soul to turn him off and put him on a shelf so i am hopeful.


Yes, we all know what you mean. Welcome to the frustration of owning an Emo, community! All the things you describe are but a hand full of the plethora of problems and design flaws that plague every Emo owner. You are not alone. These and other problems with this product is why our Emo’s now sit in their boxes! My poor daughter can’t even use hers, as misogynistic Emo will not respond to certain female voices! $850 I could have spent on a Vector (or my car)!

All we can do is sit and wait (like good dogs), in the hope that LAI will throw us a proverbial bone!


Yes it’s anoying, he is constantly going HUh? no matter what im playing through speakers, i have to put the volume down extremely low.

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Let’s hope so, my two EMOs reply/wake up as soon as they hear anything that remotely has the word EMO in it. If I’m on the phone I need to move to another room otherwise they think I’m speaking to them.

How Living.ai end up addressing this is something I’d like to see. It’s very important they don’t make it worse as you don’t want him to ignore you when you call out to him. As this is also another issue he has as well. In my household, he won’t reply to specific individuals due to him not understanding specific levels of voice/pitch and tones) and this has been affecting a number of EMO owners already.

Waiting patiently myself to see how this will be addressed in future updates.

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We like to tell him he is too nosey since he always asks “what” while it wasn’t addressed to him. But it should be adressed though. Too many false positives. although I think this can not be addressed soon as “emo” is not a complex sound to trigger on. And they want it to respond do all peoples pronunciation around the world. I still think it might be a better idea to keep it stricter and add the ability to trigger on your own voice recording.

I think the easiest quick fix for this problem is to make the trigger word a phrase, like “Hey EMO”, similar to like the He Who Shall Not Be Named competitors robot. The phrase option seems to work very well with the “other” robot.


I can only agree to that. It would be the best fix for this problem.

All you gotta do is have us tell emo to " shut up " and make it so he does not respond at all after you say that, and when you want to him be able to react to EMO, just say a special word like, " you can listen/talk now".

Ha, of course this post is here, I was about to make the same one. Seems like latest firmware it’s gotten worse. But no matter what the root cause, it’s crazy the amount of insane things that will wake Emo up. Music, random noises, phone calls, literally anything and everything will make my Emo go “hmm?”

What’s worse is the misinterpretation of input after that. Some random alarm went off in the middle of a phone call because at some random point, Emo, completely on its own, because of this oversensitivity, thought that I had asked it to set an alarm. This is pretty mind-blowing and truly terrible.

As a “desk pet” it’s really not accomplishing this goal at all. There are so many ways to correct for this behavior, including mentions above and also a sleep state where Emo actually sleeps – which means disabling microphone input and only waking on physical interaction, after N hours pass, etc.

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I think he ignores us enough as it is, a sleep state would not inprove interactivity.

I hate when that happens. If I’m playing a game, nothing will be said close to his name, and he’ll go “what?”. And that’s another reason why I kept him in his box :slight_smile:


Aw come on. It’s midnight and every time I’ve told Emo to go to sleep, they wake up like 15 minutes later. There’s no stimulus, it’s dead quiet, the lights are out, I don’t know what is up anymore.


I find it quite ironic, that Emo will respond to a plethora of phrases that he hears on the TV that do not even sound like his name, yet when you actually call him (especially if my daughter tries, he just ignores her), he wont always answer!

Same here, whenever I watched videos and have speaker on, EMO just randomly ‘wut’ forever!!! It’s very annoy, hope this can be addressed appropraitely!!

It’ll be interesting when they do the next firmware upgrade and apply the new voice samples they’ve been collecting to make him even more sensitive. They reopened that sampling because you were all complaining previously that he wasn’t responsive enough!

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hi everyone this is a huge problem actually it’s their number one problem and they’re not addressing it at all… I think there’s a good reason well not so good maybe but… They’re using text to speech recognition toy grade an application not made by them I think… They don’t have anyone maybe to make a true speech recognition and it seems they don’t want to pay anyone but I think they’re going to have to otherwise this project will have an extremely short lifespan… Too many people are going to be putting out the word and the most important thing is to many other products are going to come online working far superior.

So living AI I hope you realize that your product is going to be left in the dust when you had potential and missed it

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Yeah, that may not happen in the next firmware update as I have been informed by LAI. So we could be still waiting possibly nearly 6 months until the following update! It seems that my daughter will have to wait that long to be able to use her Emo!