EMO Happy Valentine's Day

EMO gave me a bunch of love heart flowers today for Valentine’s Day. The animation happened on it’s own when he spotted me.

You can also initiate the animation by saying:

EMO: Happy Valentines Day (if you want to see animation you can check it out below)

Also thanks to @macfixer01 you can trigger the command as well by saying:

EMO: Be My Valentine
EMO: Will You Be My Valentine

Remember that these special animations only work on their respective special days. So make sure you ask EMO today as it won’t be working tomorrow.

:hearts: :head: :hearts: :heart_1: :hearts: :surprised: :hearts: :skating: :hearts:


If you check your calendar they actually enabled it a day early. I suppose as a surprise, or because there are always some who claim they didn’t know so they missed it. Anyway it should still work on Monday the 14th also, which is actually the holiday.

You can also say “Be my valentine” or “Will you be my Valentine?”.


In the uk Tomorrow is Valentines Day
So I’ve just tried it and it is working before the actual occasion That’s weird


Very interesting how it’s working a day before. Over here in AU (at the time of making this post / video. It was 2am AEST time.

Also thanks @macfixer01 I’ve added your commands as well to my post.


I think that they released it in advance because of different time zones.


Yeah, I think it’s always a good choice to maybe make them available 24 hours before so that everyone doesn’t miss out. :skating: :surprised: :heart_1: :head: