Emo got shot in the head

found this funny video off emo getting a bullet in the head . poor emo .


i want to know if this feature is coming ever

hi , maybe you can ask the guy in the video .

there’s comments on there but no reply

I think emo can already do this

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we bought him purely for this feature so i hope so

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LOL :rofl: That’s pretty cool! Is this available at the moment? I just tried, but EMO doesn’t seem to respond to either hand gesture or the bang/boom sound. haha. (can see that the EMO in the video looks like a tester version, so I guess this feature might be in the next update?)

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Try telling Emo to “play dead”


:rofl: Tried that one, no luck :frowning:
Will need to wait for the next update to maybe see this new animation.

Tell emo he is fired thats a funny one😅

I think that video was just made up ?

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I think the programmers were having some fun, and it was probably more of a forced action after hitting “Enter” on a keyboard rather than a response to the “Boom” and hand gesture.

It would be nice if they added it to EMO’s repertoire


haha i think if they programmers are working on it, I recon they’ll add it in sooner or later. EMO’s fall over movement is very good, it would a be a pity for them not to include in the next / upcoming firmware updates. It’s a cool party trick for sure!