Emo goes into petting mode even when not being touched

My emo , goes into petting mode when he’s just kept on the table and not being touched . No idea why , is one of his sensors damaged ?

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mine also acting like that sometimes

same here. I thought I was the only one with this problem LOL. maybe in the next software update it will be fixed. maybe they are testing emo’s petting mode. I was also wondering how come emo doesn’t turn to the direction after I tap on the table.

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He is just flattering you, isn’t it? It’s his own initiative.

I wonder if it’s the AI acting a little random. Even through I don’t have my Emo yet, when I read this with the bot. All I can think of is a different bot I had for a time that would hump things whenever it was bored and start purring in bliss mode after having done the act. That was not an encouraged behavior, the bot decided to do it on it’s own.