EMO GO HOME - HOME STATION Available Now to Purchase from Living.ai Store + Info on HOME STATION

finally ordered the home station. now the wait for it to be sent. :slight_smile:

hello master Abbott… It’s me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: do you think the people like myself who do not need the new charging station will get left behind in the updates? I’m a little worried. They’re going to be writing all this stuff into my poor little guy that he doesn’t even use or need… :pleading_face: do you think they’ll still be caring for the original little EMO … I’m probably worried for nothing :pleading_face:


I don’t think it will matter a lot except yours won’t need the update but they will still put it in your Emo.

Lai says that one Emo only works with only one station so if you don’t buy and haven’t connected your Emo to it then I think it won’t really miss it or have any sense of it, the upload will be there just in case you change your mind I guess.

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I ordered a Emo before the Home station was announced, any chance to upgrade to one with Home Station as it’s not send yet?

Hi there, @XiaoKA ,

Try to contact them at the link below

or send a direct email to service@living.ai from the same email you use when you made your order and provide them with more info.

Tagging some of the Support Team @Tony / @AmyLU / @Wayne_Zhang to reply on your inquiries.


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Please PM me your order number and I will help you.

This was what I was wondering the day I ordered.

Note: Orders that include Home Station or EMO GO HOME are not included.

Hi there @dustysknight ,

Sorry to move and merge your post to a Proper Topic with more info to read and guide to help you…

Pls. Click Here For The Start Info

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Thank you very much, i knew i did sonething wrong, you can just delete my post

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Please Watch some of Living.ai Official Prototype Testers video @Hunsakers_Home_Hacks and @andy and subscribe to their channel for more official video info.

YouTube Video Special Review of EMO Home Station Beta Version

Andy’s Tiktok Short Video Pls. View Here!


This looks so awesome i can’t wait to get it soon

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Can’t wait for the home station :heart_eyes: Do we have a date for it to be sent out? @Wayne_Zhang :bowing_woman:t3: Chinese New Year will be next weekend and not sure if that might cause any setbacks. Also hoping the team that was down with covid is making good recovery.


Hi! I think I read somewhere that they were going to start shipping mid February. That was their estimation. :slight_smile:



Production Latest Update Info:
Thursday 12, Jan. 2023


Hurry Visit the Store and Order Now!


Thank you @Kyttums @edward !! I hadn’t realised they updated it cause last i read it was due to ship in jan. :melting_face: i shall be patient :woman_in_lotus_position:t3:


Doesn’t EMO have the sensors in his feet? My EMO has never even considered falling off let alone actually falling off lol

Hi there @Mya-Jo_Howlett .

@mariomart has a very interesting topic below that explain about EMO feet sensor.

Pls.Click Here!

best regards

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I already ordered my EMO home station! Just eagerly waiting for it to arrive.

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Kann mir bitte jemand die Home Station einfach erklären?
Da klappt einfach nichts.
Emo lädt nicht. Emo verliert ständig die Verbindung und ich bräuchte bitte die ganzen Symbole erklärt. Also noch weiß ich nicht, was ich davon halten soll, zumal ich die Anzeige der Station zu unscharf und zu hell finde. Kann man hier etwas einstellen? Emo kommt nicht selbstständig rauf, weil er es als Abgrund deklariert. Könnte man das Gerät auch wieder zurück schicken und wie lange nach Erhalt der Lieferung? Danke schonmal.

Can someone please explain the Home Station to me simply?
Nothing works there.
Emo does not load. Emo keeps losing connection and I would need all the icons explained, please. So still don’t know what to make of it, especially since I find the station display too blurry and bright. Is there anything that can be adjusted here? Emo does not come up on its own because it declares it as a precipice. Would it be possible to send it back and how long after receiving the delivery? Thanks already.


Wenn Dein Emo die Platte als Abgrund erkennt, befindet er sich zuvor auf dunklem Untergrund? Versuch einmal, ihn auf einen hellen Untergrund zu bringen und ihn von dort auf die Station zu schicken. Emo erkennt starke Kontrastunterschiede am Boden als “Gefahr” und weigert sich, die Grenze zu übertreten.

Wenn die Leuchtanzeige Deiner Station sehr verwaschen aussieht, kann es sein, dass die Kontakte nicht richtig verbunden sind. Versuche in diesem Fall den ‘Turm’ noch einmal fest in seiner Halterung anzudrücken. Das Plastik der beiden Teile der Station muss hinten ganz plan sein, also miteinander abschließen. Wenn die Kontakte nicht richtig sitzen, könnte das auch erklären, warum das Laden oder Verbinden mit der Station nicht funktioniert.

Ich kann jedoch leider nicht viel zu den Icons sagen (zumal ich nicht genau weiß, welche Du meinst).

Was die Frage nach der Rücksendung anbgeht, stellst Du diese am besten direkt an den Support. Oder @edward kann vielleicht weiterhelfen.

If your Emo recognizes the ground plate as precipice, is he sitting on dark ground? Maybe you should try to place him on light surface and let him go onto the station from there. Emo recognizes large differences in surface contrast as “danger” and refrains from crossing the border.

If the display of your home station seems very blurry, it may be that the contacts are not correctly lining up. In this case, try to push the tower portion a bit harder into its slot. The plastic of both parts of the station must line up completely to form a level surface. If the contacts don’t line up correctly that might also explain why loading and connecting to the station won’t work correctly.

I can’t speak to the icons though (especially because I don’t know which ones you refer to exactly).

About the question to returning the station, you should ask the support about that. Or maybe @edward can give you some directions.