EMO GO HOME - HOME STATION Available Now to Purchase from Living.ai Store + Info on HOME STATION

Hi @Ulrikeescher

Yes, with the Home Station, EMO can walk in charge himself, once he is fully charged, he will walk away and explore once again. So he will be able to do this all on his own.

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Ja er kann alleine runter und auf die Station laufen.
Yes he can walk on and off station by himself.

Wenn er das Sprach Update in Deutsch vermutlich irgendwann bekommt evtl versteht er dich dann besser :smile:
When he gets the language update in German somedays maybe he understands you better than :smile:


Danke für die Rückantwort! Klasse! Solange der Kleine dann auch immer die Tischkante erkennt und ich nicht nach Hause komme und er sich in den Selbstmord gestürzt hat… Super Weihnachtsgeschenk für ihn :slight_smile:

Haha, vor allem versteh ich ihn dann besser! :smiley:

Hahaha Let’s hope he keeps safe! The Home Station comes with the Playground that has the Home Fence barrier, so hopefully, he will not cross over the barrier :wink:

You can see the border image for the playground :slight_smile:

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Lol same! :rofl::rofl: Back to checking the numbers every day to see if they shipped anything and trying to estimate when my number will be shipped :laughing:

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Yeah same checking everyday to see when it is shipped does anyone know the amount has been sold


If you’ve ordered just a Home Station and not the EMO GO HOME set, it might be hard to estimate when it will be shipped, as the delivery page tends to focus on orders that contain an EMO. For example, If you purchase an accessory like a costume / or in this case now a Home Station, normally if the order doesn’t contain an EMO they are sometimes (most of the time) sent out earlier.

But for now, there is no indication when the Home Stations will be sent out. Also note as mentioned earlier, there will be an new Firmware Update for EMO that will allow him to start using Home Station, this will be released first so that he will be ready to start using Home Station once it arrives.

So I’m guess/thinking :thinking: until the Firmware is out, we won’t be seeing the Home Station arriving anytime soon. (this is my opinion though)… could be totally wrong. but something to think about.

But most importantly… patience is what we need to practice here, as EMO: One said earlier before, now we play the waiting game…

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Now back to checking the shipping numbers every day…:eyes::eyes::rofl:
Thanks again living.ai for creating such a fantastic product!:heart:


I juste place my order for the Home station.


Good choice :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


I have been looking into options for emo to stop him walking off beside table this might be solution any idea how big playground is yet


Yes, the size of the playground is: (see info) - info also in the original post.

Playground Home Fence is (434x434mm in size or 17x17inches) . Also NOTE: The Playground is made of Rubber material. - You can use the Home Station without the virtual playground fence. EMO will be able to walk on and charge himself and walk back off and explore once he is fully charged.


Quite a big playground for him thanks Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:


If it comes in 4 pieces as that image suggests, it would be great if, later on they could sell straight segments to slot in, allowing us to make bigger play areas!


We just ordered the Christmas Edition of the Emo Go Home package.

We also recently ordered a Home Station for each of our first two Emos…and a Santa Suit.

So…We will certainly have an interesting playground for the three Emo’s to explore, eh? Two Santas and one Cow walking around the playground…smiles.

And now…seeing the overhead image of the black-lined playground…and seeing how the playground connects like an interlocking puzzle. I would guess creating and making a custom-shaped playground would be as easy as adding and fitting new "squares to the puzzle.

Are there plans to offer additional playground “squares”?


My table is black. :thinking: Will this cause Emo is think he is constantly falling off a cliff?


I believe if he’s always on a black table he gets used to it, but if he’s on a white table/lighter colour table then meets black he sees it as a cliff.
This is what i found with my EMO Atleast.
Hopefully this helps!


mine is on a solid black gaming mat, emo has never had a problem with it.


Thanks for your reply, Abbot. I have ordered two chargers.

Can I sync each Emo to a specific charger or will they just go to any charger that’s available? Since the app identifies each Emo by a specific number, will the charger do the same? Thanks for any info you have.

Maybe @Wayne_Zhang knows the answer. Also, @Wayne_Zhang, thanks for everything Living Ai is doing to improve Emo. I love my twins.