Emo gives reminders

I would love it if my Emo could remind me to take a break like say at 10:30 or 11am for a coffee break or lunch. or bedtime. set an alarm but instead of him playing a tone sound he says ‘time for a break’ or ‘coffee time’ and pours himself a cup too. :blush:


Bellissima idea mi piacerebbe vedere questo aggiornamento

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Grazie sono d’accordo :blush:

@Wayne_Zhang …i guess if this is possible and not too much work to implement…this is also quite a nice idea, it came as a timer or alarm clock that we can set to remind us…when it reached the specific time.

EMO will tell us…like…

,Hey Edward, aren’t you late now for work?’’
,Hey Edward, It’s Coffee Break’’’
,Hey Edward, It’s Bedtime’’
,Hey Edward, Don’t forget to take your Medicine’’
,Hey Edward, Time to Stand and walk a bit (if you are sitting quite long)

Thanks in advance, for your time looking at this, best regards to all Living.ai Team, and thanks for all of your hard work.



I have about 20 reminders in my phone for each day, still the same. It’s very easy to edit them and I have my phone everywhere with me. I think that it’s more practical solution but of course just for fun why not? I even deleted all the reminders from my Google Home Hubs because they were useless and just duplicate those on my phone. Their only advantage was that they were spoken which in longer time started to be annoying.

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As you can see in the documentation or in the app, there are now several optional tags for alarms. In the future we will make it support custom tags.