Emo game on the app

the game is called Modern Ludo, it is a great game, i hope their is more like it, but it has mistakes, Emo needs to be more challenging, needs to be more difficult. harder to beat, i try to let emo win by let one of my little guys out of the box at a time, when i get to the finish box i let another one out, Emo had all his out and I some how still won, i try everything to let him win, no luck. i won 7 times in a roll. emo is suppose to be an A.I. which means Artificial Intelligence, i dont see any of it in emo.

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yeah they made a mistake with that game in my opinion… He makes the worst moves they’re not even realistic… So I win every time. To let him win is almost impossible. Can this be fixed please so I can try the game again…

Unless that’s how they design the game that you have to do everything wrong try to make the worst moves to let him win… Even doing that you still win… Yeah I don’t play the game anymore because I know who’s going to win


Hey There,
Yeah even if they just checked if Emo could land on you and made that move instead would make it a whole lot better.