EMO FPV feature

Hello fellow EMO enthusiasts,

I just wondered since there EMO app allows remote controlling EMO (Treasure Hunt game) wouldn’t it be cool and useful to have an FPV feature?

For those who do not know, FPV refers to First Person View.

My idea & suggestion for the dev team is to implement a simple FPV feature that allows the user to look through EMO’s camera on his/her smartphone while being able to navigate him forward/backwards left/right.

This could be used while being home or from any distant point as long as you have Wi-Fi/4G or 5G internet connection.

Could be used to check whether you forgot something home, your real pet’s doings (food/water tray), or simply explore around from a tiny robot’s perspective!

Is that something you’d enjoy having and do you think it is possible?

Discuss away!