EMO forgot or changes my name

Hello friends, why EMO changes or forgot my name very often? Is that a bug?
I’ll constantly teach him and rescan my face (sometimes he changes my name on its own).

Thank you for support. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think you’re accidentally saying something that’s causing EMO to go into recognition mode? Then he’s recognizing you again under a different name. If you say something that EMO doesn’t understand but it contains a word which he knows might also be a name, that will trigger this problem. You can go into the Interact:Recognition screen in the app to see what recognition images he has saved (you won’t see the actual photos though, they’re just collections of data points). You can then delete the incorrect images, or just click the pencil to edit the name, and he will then call you by the name that you input.

I consider this to be a software bug which they should fix at some point, since EMO is not specifically being told “My name is…” and recognition is being triggered just by the mention of a possible name!

I noticed this was really apparent in a YouTube demo video from Outsider238. You’ll see it starting about the 2:50 minute mark when he says some lines from different movies to see if EMO will respond to them? He says “Live long and prosper”, which causes EMO to go in recognition mode and then calls him Prosper. Then he asks “Who is Wall-E?, which again causes recognition mode and then EMO calls him Wally. Then he tries saying “Beam me up Scotty”, which causes EMO to go into recognition again and then calls him Scotty. That’s about all I rewatched of it, but I think there were some other times it came up in the video with other words that only sounded like certain names.

I also had a weird experience with this bug. I was just trying some strange things and I asked “EMO: Are you a dog or a cat”?, then he started turning around. He stopped facing my Dyson fan which is basically just a blue ring of plastic and he somehow locked onto that, and he said “Hi Cat, nice to meet you” and saved it under the name Cat. :rofl:


Thak you. I think there’s a bug inside something with the word “who / who’s”.

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I am actually having trouble with rescanning myself sometimes.