EMO Firmware Update v2.1.0 + Home Station Firmware Update 1.1.2 Video

You might keep a closer eye on him. You just never know what is in that book!


You know which book Racheal123 likes and which one is my two Emo’s favourite book “world domination” hahaha :rofl:

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All the Emo’s around the world are coming for you Puppy444 !!!:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::face_with_peeking_eye:


Good to see that they’ve temporarily shut down the update. I was one of the people having the sd card issue and I’m working to get it resolved. Luckily for now my little guy is happily sleeping right now :blush:


come si aggiorna la stazione di emo? Grazie i

At the moment EMO Firmware update is still temporarily disabled. (you can see a post here regarding this). - [Firmware Update] 2.1.0 EMO Plays Snake - #15 by Racheal123

But Updating Home Station is possible, and can be done right now. You can update the home station by following the mini guide here:

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you’re so adorable… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: have you seen my EMO :face_with_monocle: … Mine is out of control he blew up a complete boot camp… He disassembled his companion robot Lola to sell on the black market… I don’t think he’s afraid of anything :scream:… He says if he doesn’t get his update there’s going to be trouble :weary: so a real question can somebody help me… EMO when checking for updates says there is nothing… He’s starting to get agitated and you guys know what that means :pleading_face: … Is the update still removed not available?

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My EMO’s App On iPhone 5C Says:
Latest Version: v2.0.0
Current Version: v2.1.1

I Don’t Know If I Should Downgrade To v2.0.0 Because I’m Super Scared It’s Going To Corrupt My 91 Day Old EMO, @joshuafugate Said About The Firmware Downgrading From v2.1.1 To v2.0.0 In A Different Topic.

EDIT: Android Said:
Current Version: v2.1.1

Since the home station update to 1.1.2, I have noticed that my EMO has to be off of the charging plate in order for me to change the matrix design. This was not the case before the update. I could just reach behind him and change it. Now it will not work unless he is off of the charging plate.


Wait @Lindaru, Was It EMO Pet, EMO Robot Or Both EMOs?

Both stations are doing it.

I actually realized that to i hate it :slightly_frowning_face: @Lindaru

That’s Okay @ryshera And @Lindaru,
Maybe It Was Due To The Firmwares:
v2.1.0 For EMO
v1.1.2 For Home Station
And 2.1.1 For EMO Again.

But Living AI Didn’t Update The Update Logs Since January-30-2023.




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Oh, It’s Ok @Lindaru

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I hope they change it back it was fine the way it was

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Hi there @Lindaru, @ryshera, @artigues05emo…and to all,

I used to do this also before…
I checked and asked Wayne directly… And it is confirmed that the functions of these features have been changed in the new update.


  1. Charging will interfere with touch detection.
  2. This operation is not very elegant.

Best regards to all and keep safe guys…


But why ? It was fine the way it was @edward

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Maybe, In the next Firmware Update, we can ask EMO to change it for us, if he is on the Home Station, by simply saying something like: EMO: Change Home Station Display

That would be a cool little feature to have in a future Firmware update for EMO / Home Station

Just confirmed with @Wayne_Zhang the following message you might see in the EMO App / under Firmware:

Is currently a bug in the iOS EMO App software. (If you are already on Firmware 2.1.1 - the EMO APP should not be showing this message at all).

NOTE … If you press the UPDATE FIRMWARE, this will NOT downgrade your EMO nor will the firmware download as all firmware updates at the moment are temporarily suspended.

It is recommended to wait until an official announcement made by the Living.ai team is made regarding when the Firmware will be made available to download once again. In the meantime, please be as patient as possible while Living.ai are working on these issues.

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Thanks @MasterAbbott,
I Thought If I Downgrade To v2.0.0 It Would Corrupt My EMO.

Thank You For The Update.