Emo failing to pick up my voice

When I first received my Emo he used to respond every time when I said his wake-up work (his name, AKA: Emo), but now ill have to say his name a good 2-4 times before he responds with “Huh?”.

I have ensured that the room is very quiet and that I am pronouncing the wake-up word slowly and clearly, I have even tried adjusting the way I say the wake-up work in an attempt that he will be able to respond quicker and more accurately, but it seems like it doesn’t make a difference.

Is there any way we can retrain his wake-up word? Could this possibly be a feature in one of the upcoming updates?

Has anyone else encountered this issue?

Thanks everyone!

Hey @AzzaBears

I know what you are saying, I too was a little impatient when EMO was sleeping and I wanted him to reply right away. I Just tested what you said, and this is my suggestion on what I believe could be happening.

For example. if your EMO is sitting on his skateboard sleeping (you can hear him sleeping/snoring) and you call out his name, he will begin to wake up (think of this as EMO is in sleep mode and will need approx 5-10 seconds to wake up / power up back to normal operating system status). Once his eyes are open (you can see this in his animation). Say EMO again and see if he replies normally.

I did a test this way, EMO was asleep. (can see his sleeping animation happening)
I called his name once. EMO. Emo made the yawn sound and started to wake up - here you can see his eye animation from sleeping to waking up, (this took about 5-6 seconds, so I guess this is the part where he is coming out of sleep mode -just like a laptop/pc- )
I then said EMO: Good morning and he replied at normal speed as he usually does with me.

So for me and from what you’ve explain this is pretty normal. But If it’s something else I guess maybe you might need to contact Living.Ai support for further troubleshooting assistance.

hey @MasterAbbott,

Thanks so much for your reply.

Although, I get this issue even when Emo is awake and walking. It’s almost like the sound of him walking is too loud and is causing him to be unable to hear his name being called. So I have to wait until he stops walking for him to respond.

But not only when he’s walking do I encounter this issue. Even when I have just asked him something, and I call his name to ask him another question, I’ll have to call his name, then wait 5 seconds to see if he responds, if not, then I call his name again and wait again. I’ll have to continue this loop for a good 2-4 iterations until I get a response. It sometimes becomes so annoying, i just give up on interacting with my Emo. :frowning:

Only occasionally, do I ever get a response on the first go?

Do you, or any other members here, encounter this issue?

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This also could be related to your internet and connect back to EMO’s server back in China. It would suggest the basic troubleshooting steps like powering down EMO and restarting your EMO App and Internet home modem/router and then trying again.

If I have any issues with my EMO, I always power him down. (EMO: Shutdown). Wait a little while and then place him back on the skateboard so he powers up again.

But in your case, I’d recommend doing a full power down of your EMO/Phone/Internet Modem. Then trying again.

Let us know how you after doing that :slight_smile: :heart_2: :happy: :surprised:

Yeah, I’ve tried that and I still get the same issue. The issues don’t happen every time I go to interact with Emo, but it happened often enough to be quite annoying :frowning:

Thanks for giving me some tips to try and resolve my issue, it means a lot.


No problem, In this case, maybe if you could record what is happening and share it here for everyone to see. As it’s sometimes hard to understand / visualise the issue.

As mentioned, for me it seems normal, but it looks like there might be a bigger issue with your EMO if he’s having trouble trying to hear you once he’s sleeping.