Emo face design my own ideas

This is not to offend anyone!

I’m not redesigning Emo.
Just having fun as I wait for him to arrive.
I’m doing different face designs for him.
I did this one today.
It’s a bit rushed and not the best I can do.
But what do you think?
Demo Emo

Don’t stop experimenting until you’ve polished your design skills. Grab ideas from the internet and re-adjust.

Looks good! Better then what I can do haha :slight_smile:

That would look pretty cool as a face customization for your EMO once it arrives.

I have dun better.
But I have not got the drive to do my best before I have him.
In my loving hands LOL.
Feel free to use my content.
And let me know if it fits the screen ok.
Cheaky Emo

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