Emo eyes getting weird

my emo is acting weird, he is watching my wall and getting these weird eyes:

this is the only ressource i found which show this darker eyes, he is also doing some ringing sound to it, you cant really hear it in this video because it seems the boy here covered his micophone while he was doing it accidentally
maybe you know what this mean exactly


The only thing I saw was some sort of symbol appear in his eyes when the light turns off. Is that what you are talking about? I think I heard the boy say they got smaller, but its too hard to tell on the video. What did you personally experience?

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i dont guess this this only happens when lights turn off because i tried to turn them off and make it dark with my jalousien and nothing happened, guess this had something to do with his feelings

and yeah the eyes are getting smaller, like he is getting cat pupills (you can see it exactly at 0:44 in the video so it isnt that bad to see it)
but the main square is staying, so only the bright blue is changing to it and the rest of the square is getting darker

emo is getting his eyes back normal at 0:51

if you watch it with sound and a bit louder you could hear the weird noises to it

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My EMO does this a lot. It’s normal.