Emo expected lifespan?

this may seem a little random but dose anyone know the expected lifespan for Emo?

just curious.

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exactly with good care it could be 5 years

Good question!

Going on something like his Dance moves that unlock as he gets older. He is meant to unlock his last dance move (dance 11) when he is when is 1024 days old. Which is close to 3 years old (2.8 to be somewhat exact).

“1024 Days Old - 11th Dance Move”

So let’s hope he can get to at least 3 years. But this is a question that no one but Living.ai can answer…

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well it’s basically oh hi everyone… the first week link mechanically would be the servos. The motherboard well life expectancy 20 years plus… Battery I’ve seen cell phone batteries 10 years later with lower capacity but still working… So the true weak link is mechanical it’s those pesky servos…so let’s just hope the servos hang in there and we should always try to take care of those legs of his… That’s my two cents and I do have a lot of experience. The servos obviously are not metal geared there just plastic I suspect because remember I think his name was Ramo… He heard a clicking to me it sounded like they were skipping teeth… But that’s what I think so the little guy he could go a long time just remember to take care of his little feet :blush:


I do hope at some point Living AI will allow us to do maintenance on his battery. Maybe sell a “battery replacement kit”, or allow a service similar to iRobot with their roombas where we send him in. They keep the shell and replace whatever parts are broken.

I guess in Emo’s case it would be the shell+motherboard or hard drive since that’s like his uh, brain I guess.

I so far have been lucky to not have any critical issues with my Emo, but I’d be pretty sad if I had to be sent a replacement since that’s not really “my” Emo.


i would love for living ai to have repair centers. maybe in the future this will be a thing.
I understand what you mean by “my emo” they all seem to have their different quirks.


Or… have the option to do a full back and restore of EMO… so if you’re original EMO is beyond repair, you can back him up… wait for a new one to be sent… then restore him onto his new EMO that arrives! We do it all the time for PCs / iPhones etc… why not have the option as well to do it with EMO… this way he will always be backed up and safe just in case something happens to him.


you know i was thinking about that, kind of like a blank emo and the old one can download into the blank. i was thinking about this just the other day.


Yes, I did share this a while ago over on the New Features / Improvement thread. (would be great if they added this in at one point down in the future).


If you have any ideas/suggestions. be sure to share them there as well for the Living.ai to check/see.


i must have missed it, i was thinking about stargate and the asgards and i thought wouldn’t it be good if emo could be uploaded into a new body when the old ones failed. didn’t think about it much after that.