EMO EMO connection problem There is no answer when calling EMO. It often shows that there is no WIFI and the application cannot connect, but EMO can move freely. I don’t know what happened?

EMO problem

Hi @xhrs0919 (just replied to you in the other post) see it here as well.

This has happened to me before. I would try and call EMO and he wouldn’t respond (he would just make a sound that feels like he is not online).

Also I could see that he was no longer connected to the home network Wifi as a little “!” image appears on his display screen, and as you mentioned you couldn’t connect to him via the desktop app.

It seems very weird. I also tried to ask EMO to shutdown many times, but he was not able to do so. What I ended up doing was holding him until he actually turned himself off. It was very confusing as well for me. But sooner or later EMO should automatically shut himself off. Once he does that, wait a little bit and place him back on his skateboard, once he has rebooted, you should be able to connect to him once again with the APP and see if he has connection to your home Wifi network.

If he doesn’t then let him run around waste all his battery until his shuts himself off.

I hope this comes in handy. It’s a little weird, but after the shutdown/reboot he should be back to normal.

@xhrs0919 ,
I already replied to you on the other thread also. Don’t make duplicate requests, it just makes a mess of things and is counterproductive.

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What worked perfect for me is i downloaded his app on another phone and used that to connect him works eveytime for me then just go on your normal phone
Might work for you hope this helps xxx