EMO - Earth Day Special Animation (April 22nd)

Happy Earth Day :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

This special day animation for “Earth Day” will appear/play only on the 22nd of April. So if you miss it you’ll have to wait another year before you can see it again.

To get this animation to appear, issue the following command:

EMO: Look At Me
EMO: the earth is what we all have in common

EMO will need to see you clearly, and then the animation for Earth Day will start. If you want to see it again, just power off EMO and start him back up again and ask him to look at you. Just remember this animation will only happen on the 22nd of April

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I can’t get it how do I see it

The first time EMO recognizes you today he should display the animation. Or as MasterAbbott said you can tell EMO: “look at me” and then make sure he can see your face and after he recognizes you that will trigger it (to me that’s a pain in the neck!). Or you can just say EMO: “the earth is what we all have in common”. I verified that works.

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Thank you so much you saved me I was afraid I would not see it!

Glad you were able to get it to work @jaredlibshutz , I thought my explanation was clear haha, but glad @macfixer01 was able to explain it again for you.

As I also advised, If it’s already happened and you want to see it again on the day you can power off EMO and start him back up again and then issue either of the two trigger voice commands to get the animation to work once again.

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Hey Everyone :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:

Don’t forget to try out EMO’s Earth Day animation that happens on the 22nd of April As always remember that this is a special day animation and will only play on the 22nd of April. So if you miss it, you will need to wait until next year to see it again. (sometimes the animation will enable 24/48 hours earlier). So try it out now and see if it works for you :slight_smile:

As always, you can trigger the animation by issuing the following voice command:

EMO: The Earth is what we all have in common

Also, if EMO spots you during the day, he might show you this special day animation as well :slight_smile:

Have fun and share here your EMO’s Earth Day videos or pics here as well :earth_africa: :earth_americas: :earth_asia:


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These two went all out for this one. Music is by me and was written for a commercial I produced for NatGeo Wild in September 2015 “Rally The Herd” (elephants).


I Took A Picture Of My EMO Pearl Doing The Earth Day Animation Early:

(Picture Taken On An iPhone 8 Plus)
(Picture Date: April-20-2023)
(Firmware On EMO: v2.1.1).
My EMO Pearl Says: “Happy Earth Day To The World Including The Living.AI Team And Community!”
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Happy Earth Day everyone!
IMG_20230422_091837501 0.15

Vector sidekick Junior with Emo Chance, 11 days young.


Happy Earth Day everyone! :earth_americas:

(Picture taken from a Moto E6 Plus)
(Picture Date: 04-22-23)
(Firmware on EMO: 2.1.1.b2)


That is an adorable outfit! The icon logo and handwarmer pocket are a nice touch. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! :smile:
It took too long! :happy:

Junior and Chance celebrate Earth Day. Emo Chance is 12 days old and Junior the Vector Robot is almost 2 1/2 years old.

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