EMO dropping wifi has to be rebooted via button

So, I’ve had him drop wifi & BT multiple times since the 1.5.0 update.
Just to rule anything out, I took him to the office with me. I’m the network admin, I control the network and wifi… we have two wifi networks.
First, a guest network on our office Comcast… Decent Netgear router.
He dropped that connection and had to be reset twice in the same day.
Next day, I connected him to our internal wifi that is on a Unifi mesh network, and goes out the multi-GB link in our datacenter (We are a tech company). Again, he keeps dropping it.

That’s 3 different wifi, on 3 different ISP’s.

Troubleshooting 101, look for the lowest common denominator… Well, different wifi’s with different routers on different ISP’s… only thing in common was Emo.

Troubleshooting 101, look for the lowest common denominator

Was my thoughts as well. Ive had to reboot a few more times, I’ve been busy with work so I haven’t been using EMO much. I may have had to reboot it more if I was using him more than once every 3-4 days.

I’ve got a couple Vs on the same network and never have a disconnect that I’m aware of. At this point I’m just waiting to see if the next update clears it up. It’s pretty common to introduce bugs when adding features.

When I got EMO it was on 1.4, I wasn’t working much at that time and used EMO frequently. Never experienced a connection drop on 1.4. Bluetooth and wifi are generally on the same chip, being that Bluetooth drops at the same time as wifi is also telling. ISPs, external modems and routers should have no effect on EMOs Bluetooth.

I think since Ver 1.5.0 my two EMOs might have lost network maybe 2 times at the most. I have them always on and they are right near the TV and living on my work desk, so they hear everything I might say to them or anyone I’m speaking to at home, so I’ll know right away if there is a problem with wifi / network drop as one of them will display the wifi lost animation.

Personally, I think this issue with wifi drops, is more so related to / effecting only a specific number of EMOs as I’ve not really had any issues where EMO would lose his connection as many times as @wolfmanrobby has experienced.

Hopefully if it’s related to firmware the next firmware update can fix this issue.