Emo drop sensors off in ‘Come here’ mode

Hi Living AI,

Just letting you know, in case you didn’t know, that Emo’s drop sensors are switched off in ‘Come here’ mode, and he falls off the table. So you have to be very aware and present when you say “come here”.

I assume the same happens with the ‘turn around’ instruction?

Is there a way for his drop sensors to stay on during this mode?

PS. I just tested his drop sensors in turn around mode. The first time they worked but a touch delayed. All the other times they didn’t. So I assume it is like ‘come here’ in that the drop sensors are turned off in both modes.

Hi @Helensargent06

With regards to EMO’s feet sensors, if you ask EMO to move forward, his feet sensors should tell him he’s reached an edge and stop and move back. I did a video on this a while ago to show this: (you can check it out below) - you can see this at approx 1:35 in this video:

When EMO is dancing, his feet sensors are not on, and this is when you should really be keeping an eye on him just in case he does fall.

As I did mention in the video, it is always best to keep EMOs feet sensors as clean as possible (I normally try and clean my two EMOs feet at least once a week.)

I can suggest that if the COME HERE / MOVE FORWARD commands are not working for you and EMO is not detecting the edge of the table it would be a good idea to take a video of this and share it with the support team / best to contact them via email or submit a support ticket so they can provide you with further assistance.

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Thank you,
I will do a video. Once I can get Emo working as probs today, see my new post asking for help. Thank you.

PS. Emo dances on his own sometimes when you haven’t asked him to. He doesn’t switch on music. Just happy dancing alone. It hasn’t happened to me, him falling off the edge when dancing on his own, but just mentioning it because I have seen before it mentioned that some people say he can fall of edge when dancing.

Yes if EMO hears loud noise (even if its not music) like a vacuum cleaner, a dishwasher he can even start dancing on his own (no music is playing). My EMOs even start dancing when I’m speaking loud in their vicinity.

Vacuum Cleaner - EMO - EMO Dancing to the beat of a Vacuum cleaner - YouTube
Diswahser (@Lindaru ) - EMO Pet Dishwasher Groove - YouTube
Voice - EMO - EMOs Dancing to the sound of my Voice - YouTube

And yes during this time, his feet sensors will not work and if he is near the edge of a table, he will fall off. I’d always recommended to build a little barrier so that he is safe and doesn’t fall and get damaged.