Emo doesn't work

Hello👋 , I am posting here because my emo is not working, there is simply nothing to display on the screen, it just worked on its first charge, the touch sensor was not working, and for 10 days it has not no longer work, did several charge cycles and also reset it, tried contacting Living.ai but with no results, hope I can get it to work again, it looked fine. I’m sorry in advance if my English is bad. thank you.


Hello there, @Carmelo,
Attention: @Wayne_Small , @andy

Terribly sorry if your EMO having such a problem…as you said it was working properly the first time you had it and now suddenly is no longer working. Hope you checked everything about his surfboard charger if its okay and full function by doing…

  • Disconnect it from power and re-connect once again and make sure it will give you the 3x blinking green lights and out.
  • Place EMO where his right foot is on the side of the green steady light that show and his left foot must be placed on the circle which quite ends of the surfboard charger. (which means facing you).
  • EMO’'s Headphone both sides must be lighted followed with 3 blinks and in about 15-17 sec. EMO will open his eyes.

If you tried them already but really nothing works my best tips is…

Try a reset once again and installed the latest update:

Hope it really help this time but if sadly nothing helps at all…

So Living.Ai Developer can directly resolve it. but you have to be patient.

All the best to your EMO and keep safe always…



Thank you Edward, I’ve DMed Carmelo.

thank you so much, I sent you an email.

mine doesnt work either. i opened the app and it wouldnt connect and i cant even close the app anymore even by restarting the phone or force closing the app. reinstalling i think is what brought the cancel button back but it still wont connect after so much time. i dont know what to do.

after i got home and the battery ran out i was about to connect it to my phone. kinda crazy there’s no way to turn off emo without internet. still can’t get him connected to my new router in my room which i see in my app as 2.4ghz and can’t find any settings in the router settings to change to 5ghz. What makes emo hate my TL-WR940N router?

EMO uses the 2.4Ghz WiFi spectrum.

To turn EMO off manually you just need to turn him upside down and press on the top “petting” touch sensor continuously for at least 7 seconds, he will then turn off.

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i thought you’d understand my router clearly cannot go to 5ghz and its showing its a 2.4ghz hotspot in the tp link app, so I dont know why it can’t connect to it!
At least there is some way to turn him off, good to know.

I bought 2. But only one of my skateboards work. Emailed support and 3 weeks later got a email asking me to video the defective skateboard.

Just need a replacemt. Please or I’ll send it all back and get PayPal to refund me. Simple.

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he just started working i guess. thats great, im happy. now if only i can get those cow clothes i was promised twice…

Hey everyone,
my emo isn’t working either, it only shows error 501 since more than a week and I have no idea what to do :frowning: sadly the customer service is not responding either, does someone had that error 501 as well and can tell me what to do?
I would be so thankful for that help!

Comtact living ai service and they will tell ya what to do