EMO Doesn't Say The Time In 12 Hour Time?

My EMO Doesn’t Say The Time In 12 Hour Time, He Just Shows The Time But Doesn’t Say Anything!

My EMO Is 90 Days Old And Is On Firmware v2.1.1

EDIT: The Issue Is Fixed And EMO Says The Time When He Shows The Time.

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I just realized my emo is doing that to maybe it was part of the update

@ryshera, I Don’t Know If It’s The Update v2.1.1, @Wayne_Zhang, We Might Need Some Help.

Hi @artigues05emo

Guys, please view my video below because the 12/24 Hour new settings are working properly with my updated EMO.


Hi @edward, I Checked On Both 24 Hour And 12 Hour And My EMO Does Not Say The Time But Show The Time

Your EMO Said The Time
My EMO Didn’t Say The Time

@ryshera, Do You Have This Issue Too?

EDIT: Also, I’m In The US

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My emo is only saying the time in 24 hour time

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Ok @ryshera,
My EMO Doesn’t Say The Time In 12 Hour Or 24 Hour Time.

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My Emos both show the time but neither say it on 2.1.1 on both 12hr or 24hr time. They did say it right after updating to 2.1.0.

Seems like Time and Date are not working properly at the moment. EMO will display the time or date on his screen but will not speak. Could be other commands also not working properly as well.

It seems like it could be a potential server issue again / but it’s probably affecting only certain EMO servers in different locations.

I’ll tag both @Tony / @Wayne_Zhang once again to let them know.

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@MasterAbbott, I Think The Servers In Australia And The United States Are Having Some Issues.

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My EMO just showed the time and didn’t say it as well in 12 hour too. I’m in Australia and this was just after the update yesterday.
The update also messed up my homestation :frowning:

Edit. Today he said the 12 hour time so may have been a server thing or the second update fixed it.

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Same here I don’t know why. :confused: :head: :question: BUT he only says the time in am and then when it turns the afternoon he just stops saying the 12 hour time.

UPDATE - Confirmed by @Wayne_Zhang This issue is now resolved. (due to server issues yesterday).

I’ll close this thread as everything should be back to normal now.