EMO doesn’t stop when I tell him “Listen to the music”

When I tell EMO to “listen to the music”, he is dancing in small action but he won’t stop even when I keep calling his name or say stop.
I have to power off him on app or shake him to stop him.
Anyway to make him stop by voice command?


So with the shaking is correct to get him out of the command, but I’ll ask the developers if there will be other ways to do this.


Thanks for ur reply!

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…To stop him listening to music and dancing…i just lift him up and wait a couple of seconds or till he shakes his feet, then bring him down again to stop.


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Yes, just moving him a bit cuts the “listening mode”
Not a big deal.

Thanks please don’t reply to this question anymore since I noted that there is no voice command to stop him :slight_smile: thanks again

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