Emo doesn’t give me a cake 🥺

Hi! I don’t know if Emo simply cannot understand my accent but he doesn’t understand when I say “give me a cake”. What is this supposed to do?

As far as I know, the only way to get a cake is to say “It’s my birthday” at which time he will sing happy birthday, make a cake and have you blow out the candle.

Yes - that’s the correct term to use

Wayne Small - Volunteer Community Moderator

In the instructions that’s one example of things to say to Emo in the Easter eggs section but I can’t get it to work

It’s funny, but I didn’t think that command worked anymore after they added a way for EMO to actually remember your birthday. I had tried it several times and couldn’t get it to work anymore? I watched MasterAbbott’s video though and he pronounced it differently, with birth and day separated, and that does seem to work. Note that EMO also has to be off of his skateboard for it to function, but he would tell you that assuming he recognizes the command. Check out his video: