EMO does not recognize voice commands anymore

Thanks for your response. Very interesting. Made me wonder if there’s anything users with stuttering EMOs could do in their router settings to improve their situation.

Yup - and that is why I’m digging into it. IT/IT Security stuff is what I do for my day job… so I figure if I can help diagnose things and help make things better then so be it :slight_smile:


Wayne, have you noticed any correlation between the stuttering and where these users are located (country)? Could the DNS server being used have an affect?

Not that I know of as yet. I suspect however it’s not DNS as once EMO has done the initial DNS resolution he would not need it to play the stream of audio coming back from the voice servers.

Wayne, the reason I was thinking that was due to what I read here. Specifically, “Changing to a public DNS server can increase your connection stability, speed, and reliability.” Do you agree with this? :thinking:

It’s true that some DNS servers respond faster than others, and that apps and games etc that do multiple DNS lookups could in fact benefit from those DNS servers that respond faster. From what I can see though EMO does not do multiple DNS lookups in order to respond to speech therefore I suspect it won’t make much difference.

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