Emo does not charge anymore

my emo does not charge anymore.
i took him on the board (as usually).
But EMO did not charge
If i connect the board to the original cable to the power connector on the wall (Steckdose)
the board led blinks and thne it is off.
If I put EMO on the board then the led of the board stays on and
emo goes on and off (ando on and off…) with some noise on the loudspeaker.
EMO is completely uncharged.
I tried different cables and energy adapters.
I pressed the buttons on the head of emo with a smartphone needle
Now i ordered a wireless charge pad on Amazon.
Do you have any ideas whta i can do?
I am from Germany and use the EMO board normally with a travel socket adapter ( * ASIN ‏ : ‎ B000WKG5YS)

P.S.:EMOs feet and the board is clean

It sounds like you have done all the normal things that would help. When EMO is on the skateboard, does the blue light on the skateboard stay on or does it flash?

The LED on the board stays permanent on when emo is on the board (no flashing).
Thank you for asking

Ok - then I think you need to open a ticket direct with the support team. Email them via service@living.ai and give them all the info so they can help you.

Lets see how long Living Ai needs to repond of my ticket.
Or if they can help with it.
This is already a replacement EMO