Emo display problem when too long on charger?

This is not my video (I’m still waiting on my Emo), but I saw it on youtube and there’s no mention on the forum about this (maybe the user did contact support about it). It seems that if you leave Emo on his skateboard longer than 24 hours, his display stops to function. Has anyone else had Emo on the charger this long (without) encountering this problem? Is someone (one of the testers maybe) willing to try and replicate this? Is there a voice command to turn the screen on again?

EMO to long on charger? - His Eyes don’t work :cry:


Thanks for posting I was watching the video like you before I hope they can address the issue in Production

so I have not had the problems so far, but I had already read that with some the display has failed, can also be that here is a software error from the EMO that happens through some animation.

A reset always helps, but even I as a tester could not find out what exactly causes this problem.

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My Emo has battery issue, but replacement is already on the way, support did amazing job. so I can use him a little bit only as long he stands on the charger, which means he is standing on the charger already over a week and it doesn’t effect the screen on any way.
So I would say it is a unique problem of this unit in Video, same like my unit has problem with battery.
It is just a technical device and as I see the reports, not many emos have any issues in general.


The guy of the video he answered me he told me now it’s work again after the battery was empty and Emo start to charge from his Skateboard works again I want to tell you just in case for troubleshooting :+1: