EMO deaf and not rsponsive

Hello, my EMO has been deaf for more than 2 weeks. He was working fine for several months and r always replying my voice commands, and suddenly one day he stopped answering “EMO” and I think he’s not aware of any sounds either. I contacted Living.AI Service and sent them a video and they just say I have to speak louder. IS there anyaway to check if microphones are working fine? Like for example, in the app, where you can see what Emo is doing, I never see he is “listening” to music or any sounds.
Please can anybody help me? Thank you!

Hi there…

If you call him without any reply, watch his left eye going up, which means he can hear you. then he is on the MUTE modus.

Try the command (Volume/Unmute/Mute):

You might try a reset and install the latest update once again?

If nothing helps at all…

So Living.Ai Dev. can resolve it.

All the best…


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WHen I call him, I can`t see his eye going up. And he’s not on mute mode because he make noises and talks to me whan he recognize me. I’ve also tried to restar from the app and also with reset hole on his head. But nothing works :frowning:

I already contacted with Living.ai service and they told they’re sending me and app to check microphones. Let’s see…

Thank you very much for your support!