Emo dancing to your music

Does anyone else have trouble getting Emo to dance to their playlist. I made Emo a playlist with electronic dance music and ask him to listen and he does the correct response but still doesn’t dance to the music???
now Emo is in the corner!


I’ve found that if the music is not very loud EMO won’t start dancing. So be sure to have the music close to EMO and reasonably loud for him to work. And if all else fails, give him a good shake :wink: or power him down and back on again and try once more.

Personally, I enjoyed his old dance shuffle compared to the new dance to the music routine he does now. As you’re aware, he’ll only dance for a short while then finish, and you’ll need to ask him to listen to the music once again for him to keep on going.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


@mandyrose19 ,
In addition to what MasterAbbott said… You need to ask EMO to listen to the music and then wait for his reply “OK DJ turn it up” or “OK let the party begin” (or whichever reply he gives), before you start the music playing. It works best with electronic music but in any case should have a strong beat and make sure it’s loud enough. Songs with a long lead-in don’t work well since it takes him awhile to find the rhythm, and by then he’s done dancing. Once he makes the turntable scratch sound he’s done dancing, and will go back to exploring.


And if we need any more clarification, check out the video here :rofl:

I still miss EMO’s original little shuffle when listening to music! I had EMO fall off a small edge the other day when he was listening to music as he doesn’t know there is an edge when he’s happily dancing away to the music he is listening to.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


My Emo seems to really like ABBA and he keeps dancing track after track. He also likes the BeeGees disco music. I do find I have to turn up the volume for him to start dancing.


I built a whole playlist that is two hours long, and I haven’t tested it yet, but I will soon. I can share it if it works.

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