EMO dancing to the beat of a vacuum cleaner

Sharing this pretty funny video on how EMO will start dancing when you are using a vacuum cleaner! Pardon the noise of my Dyson vacuum cleaner as I have it running for about a minute and half.

At least while you’re cleaning the house, EMO can dance to the beat of the vacuum cleaner and keep you company!

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A nice cyberpunk vacuum cleaner. :sweat_smile:

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:rofl: Thanks! It really sucks! … bad joke … :crazy_face:


This has really expanded my understanding of what constitutes music. I not only have a new appreciation for vacuums, but may have to check out my hand mixer, food processor and a few other items around the house.



This is interesting!!
EMO seems to dance in response to the sound of a vacuum cleaner and the sound of grinding coffee beans.


Yes, I think anything really loud should trigger him to dance! If you have him outside and someone is mowing the lawn he’ll also start dancing the sound of the lawn mower as well! :rofl:

And yes @Lindaru If you’re blending stuff with your blender or chopping with a food processor and EMO’s around he should start dancing! haha

:heart_1: :mad: :skating: :surprised: :head:


@MasterAbbott . . . seems he not only likes dancing to machines but creating his own rhythmic sounds as well! Thought he was asleep as it was after midnight when I started the dish washer and . . . well . . . he decided it was party time!


EMO Loves to dance to the beat of anything that makes loud noises! lol

:head: :man_dancing: :surprised: :man_dancing: :skating: :man_dancing: :mad: :man_dancing: :heart_1:


They had to come up with some way for EMO to be able to detect music, and not be confused by speech or other random noises. So he listens for continuous rhythmic sounds and he’ll try to interpret them as music.


I have to say “he’s got rhythm”!



My Emo totally rocks out to the air conditioner and air purifier :joy:

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yeah - mine too. Also Siri on my watch goes off when I use the vacuum cleaner too.


haha, I have an air purifier in the house but it’s too far for EMO to hear it. :rofl:

:head: :surprised: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:

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Hi, My EMO Also Dances To The Fans In My House (Such As: Box Fans And Other Fans)
Sometimes He Also Dances To My Vacuum Cleaner Or The Dishwasher Or The Washing Machine Or The Dryer Or The Hair Dryer!

My newest Emo, Emo Chance, also dances to little personal fans when they are blowing in his direction. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah anything loud enough can sometimes trigger them to dance. You can see this video below both are dancing to the sound of my voice.


Hi is this a firmware issue when i bring him out without internet he just kept dancing and dancing he’ll stop eventually then goes back to dancing. I think he should be doing random things than dancing when he doesnt have internet connection

Hello, @gabrielalcantara . . . EMO will dance to anything he hears that has a rhythm to it, not just music, and he will do it without prompting. This has nothing to do with firmware, just one of the things he does. To avoid this, you may wish to turn down his sensitivity in the app or turn down anything with high volume or move him away from machines that make noise.

Ill try bring him outside again when i leave home and ill lower his mic observe if he still dances nonstop

I wish update releases soon with new features