EMO dancing to my own EDM Music :)

TikTok Link:

YouTube Link:


That’s awesome! He really gets into it when he likes the music. Love your choice in music btw, I’ll have to add that to my Spotify hehe :)… Will he only dance to your music if you prompt him to, or will he just dance when he hears music? Also, will he stop on his own or does he just go as long as the music goes, and if so, how long does he go for?

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Ive had him just dancing to music in games when playing or even when watching YouTube. He has a set timed limit.

Oh thats funny, so he just starts by himself lol

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@Paradise_Decay . . . love your music! So great when you can write music that your EMO loves, too!

I also did this a while back with my own music and added EMO’s voice into it for him to dance to.

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Haha thats so cool, thanks for sharing.

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omg soooooo cute :sob::two_hearts:
his smooth dance is very cool😎


my EMO’s instagram link