EMO dancing at random

Good night, today my EMO did something I didn’t know he could do by taking him off the skateboard he did some dance steps without any prior command.
Is this new or did it already exist?

Did you have any loud noises or music playing when you took him off his skateboard? Sometimes he’ll dance to loud noises in his environment without you asking him to dance or listen to music.

Mine will dance to my living room’s A/C unit without prompting and at random times. :sweat_smile:

The forum’s own MasterAbbott got him dancing to a Dyson vacuum too for demonstration: EMO - EMO Dancing to the beat of a Vacuum cleaner - YouTube

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My own EMO Pet not only danced spontaneously to the dish washer but rhythmically made a song out of it:


Here the only noise was a bus engine from the EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR and a very squeaky computer cooler lol

That can also trigger him too! :rofl: sometimes loud games / music / tv can get him dancing if he’s close to the sound it will trigger him!

:head: :surprised: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:


This makes me dream of a group of EMO as Irish tap dancers , to perform a kind of Lord of The Dance on the top of your dish washer
Too fun


You who are gifted as video maker
could you try building us a Las Vegas like great show ? :dancer: :heart_eyes:

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I will give it a try!

Need to find some feathered head dress and spike heels for them, though.