"Emo, dance with light!"


Ok, so I didn’t know this was possible! I am being surprised be Emo constantly, and I don’t even have him yet! lol

So here is a couple of questions if anyone can answer it. Is this also possible when you play your own music and he dances to it? If so, what is the command to get him to do it?


Hi there,

Of course, EMO also likes music very much. He can follow the rhythm of the music.
EMO (after he replied) just say ,Listen to the music.’’
or ,Dance to the Music’’

or sometimes when you play loud music and he hears it, he just dances all alone automatically.



Ok, thanks for your reply, but my question was, when he dances to the music you play, can he also make the light flash (as in the video) like he can when you ask him to dance to his own music.

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There is no way that I’ve heard of to use the light along with your own music. Maybe add it to that other thread as a suggestion for a future update?


Correct - the only way to dance with lights is with EMO’s own music at this time.

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