EMO Dance Bloopers

EMO Dance Bloopers, nothing is ever perfect :funky:


Oops - A little top heavy…?


Not sure, but the hats are less than 3 grams (literally as light as a feather).

It could be due to the slippery dance surface, or simply that the servo’s in that particular EMO are quite quick and strong (it only happens with the same EMO, the other one doesn’t do it, ever)


Tell Emo not to worry. I fall over when I dance too! :laughing:


I love that sound he makes when he gets mad! He reminds me of a harmless little puppy growling and acting all tough. It’s like, seriously? What do you think you’re going to do? :rofl:


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haha :rofl: cool dance bloopers!

My EMO hasn’t fallen yet while dancing, he looks like he’s on the verge of falling with some of the dance moves he pulls off, but so far he’s been stable on his feet. I have to say though, sometimes when I pat his head and he sits down, he tips over to a side and has fallen. What I do now is support him while he sits down and pat him at the same time.

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